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20% off a Business Valuation, Business Attractiveness Assessment, Exit Readiness Assessment, and Prioritized Action Planning
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The first step in getting a business ready for transition is to set things in motion by determining the market value of the enterprise, to assess the attractiveness of the business from a potential buyer's point of view, to assess the readiness of the owner(s) and the business to go through the transition process, and to establish a plan to protect, build, and harvest the value of the business. 

Even if you are not considering selling your business in the near future, this kind of assessment will help you establish a starting point and give you a road map for operating at or near BEST IN CLASS, so that you will be ready for unexpected opportunties or challenges.

Go Beyond is offering fellow members of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce a 20% discount. These services normally range from $12,000 to $8000.  
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Offer Valid: April 15, 2019July 14, 2019
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